The two main elements that most bow manufacturers focus on is the power and speed of the arrow. Although, at times, some of them fail to notice the kind of arrows that most users would demand. Besides, the type of arrow even the accuracy of the shoot should also be considered while manufacturing bows.

Keep in mind that the arrow which have more weight will require more force while shooting. In addition, the more flaws there are in the construction of arrow the less accurately it will fly. Note that different arrows are used for different circumstances. If you're serious about archery then you must have probably used them at some point or another.

It is important to understand that quality of the compounds used in bow is not one of the key aspects behind successful archery shooting. After all, they're precision equipment. However, make sure to choose arrows that are made from quality materials and by reputed manufactures. It is important to buy straight arrows, which also suit the bow you use and the type of shooting you will be doing. Make sure to keep in mind the length of the arrow while buying bow or arrows.

Wood, fiberglass, aluminum and an aluminum-carbon mix are the four main components used in arrows. They are considered to have positives and negatives based on the kind of archery you're planning to do. For example, carbon arrows are known for their lightweight, strength and durability. This makes them a popular choice among many archers but it may be possible that it won't suit you.

In short, buying an appropriate compound bow is very important if you're planning to take up archery as your profession. Avoid compromising on the quality of the arrow just to save money it may actually degrade the worth of your bow.