Our prehistoric ancestors used bow and arrow for hunting and warfare. History tells us that during the initial Olympic games archery took the center stage. The Bow and arrow are a beauty and an efficient tool for hunting, all at the same time. but, to use them in a competition require lot of practice and skill. Archery is one of the age old sport which has stood the test of time. Of course, the skills of archers have increased a great deal.

The modern equipment used by archers today allow them to deliver the arrow with more force but to shoot with more precision. The bow and arrows found now are of different types and pattern. Contemporary bows is one of the commonly used bows that is used for pushing arrows. They are mainly made up from fiberglass, wood, or carbon composites. Certain bows are made from graphites, which are used with a string or a taut cord to connect the bend ends of the bow.

Bow and arrows are the two basic equipment in archery. It is important that both these equipment are made from finest materials and accurately constructed. Or else, the archer will face difficulties, especially in mounting the arrow. It is very important to understand that proper mounting plays a crucial role in shooting an arrow.

If you're really serious about this sport then experts suggest that you buy high quality equipment. Cheap arrows and bows can be unreliable and inaccurate. Moreover, there are many accessories which can help you improve in this sport. For example, Grips and handles, Recurve bows, Fiberglass arrows, Flat bows, Penobscot bows, Straight drawn bows and more. Make sure to get an expert help before you buy any tool or accessory for archery.