Archery is one of the sports that require lot of accuracy and consistent performance, which can be achieved only through continuous practice. Only an archer who practices his skills would be able to gain the ability to group arrows in tight groups and better hand on the sport. Simply shooting arrows one after the another can help you become more consistent with the techniques, form, and practice habits.

First of all, try to concentrate on a tiny spot on the target. Remember the smaller the spot the better! Then, concentrate on the spot more as if you were shooting at a larger spot on the target. The key is to concentrate on the spot that you want to hit. Try and avoid thinking about any other thing while concentrating. Before, you release your arrow keep your eyes on the spot. Both your eye should remain on the spot while shooting. It will help in low light conditions. If your eyes fail to concentrate on the target and get distracted then close the non-dominant eye for a second regroup and open it again.

While holding your bow make sure to relax your fingers. As, you don't want to pressurize your palm and hurt it. Instead, try holding the bow between your thumb and index finger. This step will help to prevent torquing of your bow during the shot, which is one of the common cause of inconsistencies among archers.

Before, aiming at a target ensure that your pin is in the small tiny spots on the target, and accordingly squeeze your trigger. However, all this time make sure to concentrate on the tiny spot on the target. Be sure to note the exact time the bow is going to be released. Keep your bow in the same position while you watch your arrow find it's mark.

Try practicing your bow at long distances. For instance, shoot at 45 yards or more. It will also help you identify any imperfections in your shooting form. Another advantage of shooting long distance is that then it seem simple to shoot the 20 to 30 yard shots!

Try following these points to improve your shooting.