Bowling is definitely one of the favorite age old sports, which holds special place in the hearts of many. These are some of the basic tips to help ease the pain of a mid season slump in bowling.
  1. If you've just encountered a bad bowling night, don't think too much on it. Instead, try and get over the entire incident as soon as possible. Though, it's easy to say but very difficult to get over. Therefore, the only way out is to try and not think too much on the situation.
  2. Avoid making big of moves. Remember, in a bowling slump an inch is better than a mile. Hence, try small moves, which are better than big moves or less is more.
  3. Get back to the basics. One of the thing that has helped many bowlers is to forget about striking every frame and be happy with a clean game. You'll notice that when you do this your slump will be soon gone.
  4. Buying new equipment. Though, most bowler think that buying a new bowl can improve the game but it is not true everytime. At times, even buying a new pair of shoes, new inserts in you old ball, even a new grip could improve your score.
  5. Stop comparing your game with others. Competitive spirit is good but try and avoid it until you're good in the game.
  6. Don't bother about the outcome. Make sure to ball one at a time and forget about the outcome. Instead, look at it frame by frame.
  7. Avoid too many advices. Getting advices and opinions from others is good to improve your game but too much can really mess you up.
These simple rules will help you out when in a bowling slump. Anyway, it's all about having the right attitude and confidence. These rules are known to have helped many in the past and present, I hope that these rules also help you.