If you’re tired of continuous workout regimen and practice session as well as find no results. Then, it is time for you to concentrate as well. Most of the sports coaches suggest that performing training again and again will exhaust your body and drain away all your energy to play the game. Therefore, it is important to take few rest periods to heal your body and make it strong. One of the best ways to heal a weak body is through proper diet. Here’s a magic diet that can help basketball players to become successful in their game.


Breakfast is considered to be the most important meal of the day, so make sure to have breakfast daily and never skip them. Basketball players should have a protein rich breakfast. Just a bowl full of cornflakes won’t help. Make sure to add fruit based milkshake and milk as well to your diet. This diet will help your body to a fast recovery from heavy training sessions. You can also add a glass of orange juice to fulfill the daily vitamin C requirements.

Mid-Morning Snack

It is also commonly known as lunchtime workout. This avoid making you feel sluggish and improve your health. It also helps in improving your digestive system to break down quickly. In this period, feel free to indulge in a chocolate bar along with a banana or apple. However, make sure to have this snack at least 30-45 minutes before and after your workout. It will allow you to have enough energy throughout your workout.


Your lunch should comprise of carbs, like pasta, which are great before cardiovascular training. Make sure to have them at least 4 hours before training. Your lunchtime diet should also include chicken or tuna, with a side dish of salad or vegetables.


After a day filled with tough workout and practice schedule your body is going to need a lot of building blocks to repair itself over night. To continue the same schedule next day also ensure that the dinner comprise of large portions of protein rich meats/chicken, vegetables, and some carbs.

Stay hydrated

Although, don’t forget to keep your body well hydrated throughout the day. Usually, a normal person has at least two liters of water per day. But, athlete should have minimum of three liters everyday. It will keep your body hydrated and avoid fatigue or any other discomfort due to lack of water in the body.