Spending long hours in the gym practicing your shot doesn't guarantee scoring points on the final day. You might receive a few breakout games but you'll have to struggle hard to turn into an efficient player. It is one of the common phases even for the best players and shooters. To break free from this situation you'll require a lot of understanding. However, with the right kind of training and understanding of the game dynamics, you will be able to turn into a good player.

One of the first few things that you need to understand is that if you're a good shooter then it will not remain a secret for long. In fact, a good defensive strategy is the one which is able to identify good shooters early. In case you're able to find some great opportunities in the beginning of the game it is because the defense is weak, or the other shooters are not competent enough. In these situation it's important to apply pressure and allow opportunities, which a good defense will soon be able to learn.

After you've identified good shooters in you team, you can spend the rest of the game wishing for more of those early opportunities. Usually, the opponent team will spend the rest of the game in your face once they have identified you as a player who can shoot from the outside. Though, many of the good players feel frustrated because of this dynamic. Even good shooters are compelled to shoot bad shots in these situations just to try to score another point. Wild shots get missed and the confidence of the player also begun to erode.

Hence, it's great to be a good shot but it is not enough to become a point scorer. So, don't just concentrate on taking shots while practicing. Make sure to practice other moves as well. These steps will surely help to add certain unexpected dimensions to your game.