Talented athletes who receive sports scholarships, for their college studies are considered very lucky. This scholarship acts as a steeping stone in their professional career in sports. During the recruitment period, these students test their prospect of availing such scholarships. For example, students who are good in basketball, try for getting selected in college basketball.

But, these students need to posses at a number of skills for getting recruited in the college basketball. Dribbling is one of the basic things that such students should be good at. The act of bouncing ball with one hand while the player negotiates the basketball court is known as basketball. The player is supposed to take some steps while dribbling the ball. But, the player should not take more than two steps without letting the ball bounce on the floor. In this activity, the player is not only supposed to bounce the ball but also push it down the ground with the fingertips. This step will help the player get greater control over the ball.

Whenever, a volleyball player makes a pass to his teammate it is important to that the ball is farthest away from the opponent. For performing this step, the player may need to use alternative while dribbling. For this reason, every basketball player should have the ability of dribbling with both hands.

Skillful dribblers (commonly referred as ball handlers) often choose to bounce the ball low to the ground. It is considered that in doing so, the travel gap between the floor and hand reduces, which makes it harder for the opponent to gain control of the ball. Besides, these dribblers are known to dribble the ball repeatedly either from behind their backs or between their legs, and alter their hands and directions of dribble quickly. Such techniques make it difficult for the defender to intercept. This technique is called as crossover. Till date, it is considered to e one of the most effective ways to get through opponents.

It is crucial to note that while dribbling you must keep your eyes on the ball, and accordingly pass the ball to his teammates; or plan a shooting play, plus avoiding the threat of opponent stealing the ball.

So, if you’re serious about getting sports scholarships and making a career in volleyball then make sure to know dribbling well. Today, you’ll come across many websites and forums wherein students and scouts can come together and interact about various sports scholarships or getting recruited in the college volleyball team. Just browse through them to get a fair amount of idea and exposure.