The felling of being part of a team and the sense of accomplishment of being valued as a good player is what makes sports great. Just like any other sports team, the success or failure of a volleyball team also depends on the performance of each individual player. Now, even you can become an important part of your volleyball team and assist them in great success. All you need is the desire and good preparation.

Most volleyball coaches encourage and educate their players to focus on volleyball drills, technique and different game dynamics to prepare them for a game. These steps play a crucial role both for the players and the entire team. Hence, every player needs to know about these steps.

But, there are few differences between a good volleyball player and a great volleyball player. It is the right amount of time devoted towards training their bodies for the game of volleyball. To excel in volleyball it's important for players to develop certain athletic abilities besides mastering a few volleyball drills. To become a great volleyball player they need to posses a good vertical jump, explosive arm power and swing speed. In addition, they also need quickness, flexibility and fast reaction time and perfect balance. Sadly, most of these aspects are overlooked at times.

The very basic step is to understand the need of specific athletic traits for volleyball. Keep in view of all the positions and game situations that a volleyball player might face. Volleyball players need to travel short distances quickly to reach a ball; this step requires quickness and reaction. They also need to jump high to block a ball at the net; this requires legs to jump high like a spring. They are required to spike and serve the ball; this requires good arm power. At times, they are supposed to dig for the ball; this requires flexibility. Therefore, to achieve all these physical abilities just drills will not help. Only a player who trains and improves these abilities will turn out to be the most valuable player on the court every time.

Just a basic understanding of the game is not enough to become the most valuable player on the volleyball court. They need to standout from the crowd through their good game and physical abilities. In such situations, a good functional training is very important.