It is believed that a customize the type of drills as per the type of sport can maximize the effects of an explosive training program. Keeping this goal in mind, certain plyometric drills have been designed, which are known to produce fast, powerful movements, as well as improve the nervous system. However, it is important to find whether the intense plyometric routines really match the sport you play or not. If both of them doesn't match then it won't really do you any good, performance-wise. In such situations, only a correct guideline to select proper exercises comes to play. One of the most important steps in this routine is planning. It will help you and your trainer identify the suitable and sport-specific drills for your training program. Following are the two most effective plyometric drills for volleyball.

1) Bunny Hops

In this drill, you need to place both your feet shoulder-width apart. Now, assume that you're in a squat position and start propelling both your arms backwards with full force. While rotating your arms forward, jump forward as far as you can. On landing, quickly continue the entire procedure again. You can take a minute break once you've reached your final end point and then repeat the entire routine.

This exercise drill is considered to be very effective for legs, as they play a major function to block an incoming ball. However, regardless of your position the ability to jump higher never hurts.

2) Bounds

Under this drill, each leg is worked individually. To start with this drill, leap forward using only one leg but make sure to land on the opposite one. Upon landing, leap again as far ahead as you can; on your opposite leg. This drill is somewhat similar to skipping. But, make sure to perform this drill with maximum effort and energy.