These are some of the basic exercise steps that can help tennis players to build strength and energy to play the game.
  1. Stretches and strength – Before you start with your exercise schedule try performing few stretching exercises for warm ups. First start with your triceps then quadriceps (thigh muscles) and finally, stretch calves and hamstrings. If you've just started with your exercise schedule.
  2. Movement – This step allows to focus on Forehand/backhand and Abdominals. In tennis, these body parts play a vital role in the game of tennis.
  3. Circuit training – It mainly comprises of Running Squats, Row Boats, Straight Leg Raises and Squats.
  4. Leg strength - In this step, try to focus on Lunges and advanced burpees. During your exercise schedule make sure to include some exercises that focus on these body parts. Only a players with healthy mind and body will be able to perform well in his/her matches as well.
  5. Speed – It is essential for any player who wants to increase their game. A player who has good speed will able to run and hit shuttles thrown by opponents. Few running exercise will help you increase your speed for the game.
  6. At the net – In this step, we try to focus on the movements at the net. Exercises that concentrate on body movements is ideal. A few bending exercises can help you achieve this goal.
  7. Speed - star run – Make a diamond shape mark on the floor and place five cones out a diamond shape. Make sure to place one cone at the center and others five meters away as a star. Once you've placed all the cones bend down and touch it. Remember to keep your back straight. Next, run and touch every cone and return to the middle of the court. You can take a break in between for 2 minutes and then repeat the exercise again.
  8. Footwork - To improve footwork for your game try volleying exercises. Move from side to side as if playing a volley. First bend your knees keeping your back straight. Then, move side to side and take a step as if to hit a volley. Hold on this position for a second then return doing the same step again. After 10 seconds try to increase your speed. Do this exercise for 30 seconds for four times.
  9. Coordination – It is considered to be one of the best techniques to improve your game of tennis. Skipping is the ideal exercise to achieve this goal. Try skipping for 30 seconds and then rest for 20-30 seconds and start again. If you don't have a skipping rope then pretend to have one and run on the spot.
  10. I hope you've enjoyed the fitness plan, which was designed to improve your game. Make sure to follow these steps in your daily regime to find the difference in your game.