This article explains certain basic steps which can help minimize or eliminate tension and anxiety before all your tennis matches. These simple and easy-to-do exercises will help you change your mindset and attitude before any tennis match. Although , don't assume these steps to be an alternative for your on-going tennis exercise routines. In simple words, the physical and mental parts of a tennis game are simply inseparable.

These steps will prove beneficial particularly for those who are prone to excessive pre-match "jitters". After applying these steps your nervousness will be reduced to a great extent that you'll have more time to focus on the technical side of your tennis game.

These are the simple steps to eliminate tension and anxiety before any tennis match:
  1. Identify – The first step in this technique is to identify your specific anxiety issue. For instance, tension, anxiety, nervousness, doubt or fear. Identifying your issues will help you work towards it in a better manner.
  2. Rating – Now rate the intensity of your anxiety issue(s) on a scale of 1 - 10 scale. It will help you have a base starting point to measure against.
  3. Source – It is very important to find the source of your tension and/or anxiety. So, that you can avoid them the next time.
  4. Positive – A player with a positive attitude is believed to deal with stress issues better than others. Therefor, try to identify your "positive focus" and accordingly tap them.
  5. Breathing – Breathing exercises are considered to be one of the most effective methods to relive from stress and anxiety.
  6. Measure – Once you've performed all the above mentioned steps rate your anxiety again on the scale. Majority of people have experienced decrease in their anxiety level. If you're still facing stressed out then repeat step 4 again.
  7. Additional – You can also perform additional rounds of these steps (if needed). Remember your primary goal is to reduce or eliminate your anxiety level down to zero.
It will be a good idea to keep a journal to note down all your progress using this mental tennis conditioning technique. It will help you refer to it as and when required. There is no better motivator than seeing improvements in both your physical and mental tennis preparedness.