One of the most sought-after and anticipated tennis tournaments in the world is the Wimbledon championships. Even normal sports fans who do not know much about tennis tune into their television to watch the unique atmosphere of this event. Both, tennis fans and former players around the globe simply adores Wimbledon. It is a grand slam tennis tournament organized usually simultaneously with the US, French and Australian Open events.

One of the interesting facts about Wimbledon is that unlike other grand slam tennis tournaments, it is the only event which is played on grass that gives it a unique appeal. However, in the past, many games were interrupted due to rain or bad weather; so, to avoid this problem, it was decided to get a Centre Court a retractable roof. It is believed that the roof would ensure continuous game atleast during bad weather. The roof will also protect players against extremely hot conditions.

For most spectators the old roof on centre court did not offer much protection from rain who were seated in the stands. The roof also didn't provide much protection to the grass court because the moment it starts drizzling the ground staff would spring into action. They would completely cover the court with waterproof tarpaulins. So, the viewers who tune into watch the match; the last thing want to see is the sight of the covers. This meant that the only tennis match you can watch are the highlights of the game.

However, the retractable roof is kind of a folding fabric concertina that allows it to be folded when not in use. Another interesting fact about this roof is that it is translucent, which allows natural light to reach the grass surface and encourage growth. It is also believed that the roof takes almost 10 minutes to fully open or close. Moreover, several rows have been added to the court to increase the capacity of centre court to around 15,000.

It is considered that the new centre court will not delay any tennis match due to rain or bad weather. The roof will also ensure that high quality professional tennis match are played without any deferment. The retractable roof for centre court is believed to change the entire view of the famous old stadium for ever. Though, there are still many of other courts at Wimbledon that doesn't have the luxury of a roof.