Cheerleading has become an integral part of most sports events. There popularity have grown in many folds over the years. Cheerleading means a group of girls who are known to lead the crowd and make the ambiance more cheerful and happy. However, just like any other squad even they are faced with many problems and difficulties. As we all know that when a group of girls work together chances of cat fights and conflicts are bound to happen. So, to avoid such problems try these tips and take control of issues before they become problems.
  • Communicate: One of the basic things that help in developing a healthy bond in a cheerleading squad is communication. At times, misunderstanding are formed due to lack in communication. It is important to understand that the members of your cheerleading squad will not be able to read your mind. So, it is always better to tell them exactly what you expect from them as members of the squad. In addition, encourage the members of your team to express themselves openly. Only a cheerleading team that is able to communicate well will each other, are able to grow as a team as well. Remember miscommunication can ruin an entire season.
  • Opt for Direct Route: Suppose the situation gets out of control make sure to avoid any unnecessary gossips to piece together the problem. Instead, whenever you find a situation getting out of your hand go directly to the source and work accordingly. It is important to speak to them in a direct but non confrontational way to understand the problem.
  • Never let the Problems Grow: Don't think that the problems will get resolved automatically it will only result in a bigger problem. Therefore, whenever a member of your team confront you about a problem make sure to address it immediately. Keep an eye on the interactions between your cheerleaders to avoid any conflicts. Uncomfortable or feeling unwanted are the two basic things that cause conflicts among cheerleaders. The moment you notice this happening be sure to resolve the issues as soon as possible and treat all your members equally.
  • Confidence and Privacy: Whenever a member of your team approaches you about a problem make sure to keep the problem as private and confidential. Never let other members know about the issues unless they are directly involved with them. To let your team grow and bond it is essential to make them feel they can trust each other. Discussing the personal problems in front of other members is not only a betrayal of their trust, but it also sets a wrong example.
  • Avoid Emotions: As a coach or leaders of a cheerleader squad it is your responsibility to take a bipartisan role during any team conflicts. The statement means that you need to avoid getting emotional when faced with any problem. It is important to understand the problem from all points of view. It's essential to remember that you won't be able to please everyone with your decision. Instead, your goal should be to make the best decision for your squad and its members.