One of the easiest and best ways to deal with tension and stress these days are games and sports. It is believed that playing or watching sports helps in reducing stress, which proves beneficial indirectly for our health. The sports events organized today are meant not only for players or audience but also for masses. In recent times, a new phenomenon in sports, which has caught the attention of many it is known as cheerleading. It mainly comprises of group of girls (cheerleaders) who leads the crowd and makes the ambiance more cheerful and happy.

Both, cheerleaders and their performances are increasingly getting more popular, which can be seen from the fact that several companies are targeting popular cheerleading groups for marketing their products these days. Just look at any major sports events and you'll realize the growing popularity of cheerleaders and companies sponsoring them. It's considered to be one of the most successful advertising ideas for product manufacturers till date.

From banners to logos on dresses of cheerleaders, is a way of promoting sponsoring companies. Cheerleaders are usually identified by their colorful dresses, shoes, caps, ribbons or pom-poms. Hence, it is very important for cheerleaders to wear a cheerleading ribbons, to easily identify them when on ground. These ribbons are known to hold a special importance, as it help fans recognize their favorite cheerleader in the crowd as well as encourage cheerleaders for a better and enhanced performance.

Today, cheerleading is nothing less than a sports activity, but a widely popular event in every part of world. They also have a huge fan following, especially young girls who aspire to become a cheerleader when they grow up. These fans attend sports events just to get a glimpse of their style-icons. The attention displayed for cheerleaders is being a chance behind youngsters choosing cheerleading as a permanent career option.

If you want to know more about cheerleading and cheerleaders just browse any of the popular cheerleading websites, or web directories. The internet is literally filled with forums and sports communities based on cheerleading. All these factors proves the point on how popular cheerleading is today. You'll find several online directories, which deals with cheerleading and cheerleading activities.