The type of arrow has everything to do with your bow's strength. In other words, the kind of arrow you use, has a great deal in how fast it will be fired. More and more, the type of arrow also has an effect on the accuracy with which it shoots.

Thus, the heavier the arrow, the more force will be required in order to shoot it. And the more flaws in the arrow construction means the less accurately it will fly. Therefore, different types of arrows are being made for different needs of the users or for different circumstances at different points of time.

The key to successful archery shooting does not lie in the quality of the compound bow you use, since they are all fitted with similar features. As they are all precision instruments. But, you can really find your edge is in carefully choosing your arrows, both in the materials they are made from as well as the quality of the manufacture. Always makes sure that the arrows you buy are straight, and they suit the bow you use and the type of shooting you will perform.

Arrows are generally made from four materials, including wood, fiberglass, aluminum and an aluminum-carbon mix. All these materials have positives and negatives, which depends on what kind of archery you plan on doing. Basically, the carbon arrows are the lightest and are the most expensive. They are also strong and durable. These are a few factors that make this kind of arrows a popular choice for many archers. This does not mean that such an arrow will also be suitable for you.