History tells that our prehistoric ancestors made use of spears in order to bring down game. Since, they had the understanding of this deadly game and the concept of a stick tipped with a sharp point. However, at some point it took a clever caveman to figure out that to be not just effective but efficient as well, it took velocity. But, they didn't have to get so close that the mammoth squashed them, if the spear missed. This was when, the bow and arrow came in. Over the time, the bow and arrow became a way to shop for dinner, as well as a sport in its own right. According to history, archery took became so popular that it took center stage at the initial Olympic games.

The bow and the arrow are primarily an efficient tool for hunting, but later they were used for competition as well. Then came the archery, as a technology to advance the skill levels of archers. Various modern equipment now allow archers from every continent to not deliver the arrow with more force, as well as to deliver it with more precision.

Archery stabilizer is one such innovation added to the bow in order to increase accuracy. The purpose behind using an archery stabilizer is to stabilize the arms and body while aiming at the target, ready to let the arrow fly. However, it is not always allowed in competitions, since it is an aid to enhance natural ability and training.

A good stabilizer is instrumental in reducing recoil as well. Archery has the element of recoil, like when firing a rifle or a pistol. If not controlled, recoil will throw the arrow off the mark, regardless of how precise the aim was. The stabilizer does this by mediating the vibrations and shock which accompany tensioning the string.