Want to know the common tricks of skateboarding? Here are a few of the tricks, moves and maneuvers, that skateboarders perform on a regular basis. After having a look at these tricks, you will be able to understand your favourite sport better, whenever you watch it on television or you happen to catch a skateboarding competition.
  • Freestyle Tricks: When a skateboarder perform freestyle tricks, that means he/she is balancing or moving on the board, but not on all four wheels at a time. The movement can also involve grinding along the side or edges of the skateboard as well. A few popular freestyle tricks that skateboarders perform include, the 360 degree spin, which involves spinning around in a circle while on your skateboard; kick flips; and manuals.
  • Aerial Skateboarding Tricks: Aerial skateboarding tricks are the fancy and daring stunts. These are performed by skateboarders mostly in specially built skate parks, half-pipes or quarter-pipes. Such tricks involve boarder fly through the air, and at the same time using skateboarders' hand to keep the board pressed against their feet while in mid-air! The origin of aerial tricks dates back to the 1970s, when a young skateboarder called Tony Alva began experimenting in empty swimming pools. Now, there are various kinds of aerial tricks. The 900 is one of the most popular type of aerial tricks, which involves a two-and-a-half revolution while in the air.
  • Flip Tricks: In a flip trick, a skateboarder elevates into the air, and at the same time perform kicking, spinning or flipping the board in a certain manner. These tricks are very difficult to perform or execute, since these involve a high degree of athletic skill and dexterity. In order to perform it, one needs to get very high into the air, as well as has to manipulate the feet to actually flip the board over.
  • Sliding and Grinding: When you see a skateboarder ride his or her board on a ledge or edge of something, however, not necessarily riding along the actual wheels of the board itself, he/she either performing a slide or a grind, depending on what part of the board that he is using. The differences between sliding and grinding include:
  • Sliding: When the skateboard deck itself is coming into contact with the ledge surface, it is a slide.

    * Grinding: When the skateboard truck (the unit underneath the board where the wheels are affixed) are contacting an edged surface, that is a grind.