When it comes to a core exercise, many people think of doing sit-ups, crunches, and various other such exercises. Well, these are the exercises that would help you when you are on your back in MMA. However, they are also good for developing your core for striking power. In order to develop your core so that your punches and kicks get harder and faster, you need to train your core in a standing position.

Medicine ball is an effective tool to develop explosive hands, since it helps develop your rotational power. If you use the medicine ball, you would be required to throw it. This is something not possible for those people who train in the gym. Thus, there is an alternative to the medicine ball. Instead of using the ball, you can use a heavy bag.

Here are two exercises, which will help you develop explosive striking. You can do these exercises even at your MMA club:

Heavy Bag Chest Throw: This exercise will give you the sagittal plane stability, which you need to keep a solid base when you lean into a punch and connect. Below are steps in order to perform this exercise:
  • Stand in front of a heavy bag and push it up until it is at a 45 degree angle and you are holding your body at an angle
  • Take a wide stance and bend your knees to get in a quarter squat position
  • Throw the bag up and forward and catch it and repeat immediately
Heavy Bag Hand-to-Hand Pass: This will give you the transverse plane stability for generating explosiveness in your strikes. Here are the steps to perform it:
  • Stand in front of a heavy bag with a wide stance and bent knees
  • Keep good posture throughout
  • Throw the ball with one hand to the other as hard and fast as you can without losing your posture
  • Keep your abs tight (braced)
In doing both the exercises, you may want to do them quickly and explosively. While doing this, never lose your posture. Maintaining your posture is the way to train the core muscles. But, if you lose it, the muscles will stop working.