In case, if you are getting bored of the treadmill or the gym, and at the same time you want to keep yourself fit, you should consider a rope and get skipping. However, you might not find it that easy as you are thinking! But, skipping is very good for your health, since continuous skipping can give you a high intensity workout. It is very helpful for the muscles of your upper as well as lower body. Can you believe, just 20 minutes skipping can burn 250 calories!

Skipping is a high energy workout and an excellent form of exercise. It is basically a cardiovascular workout, which can be compared to running at 12kph when you consider the number of calories burned per minute. Skipping especially work good for the calves, thighs, bottom, shoulders, which helps keep these areas toned. Skipping is a lower impact activity, and it does not even hurt the joints, thus carries a smaller risk of injury.

Skipping is a convenient, as well as it does not involve high cost. It is great value for money workout! In order to skip, you will require a very little space, and you can carry your skipping rope with you for a workout at anytime, and anywhere, be it in the park, in your garden, or even at your living room. Also it is an exercise for all-weathers.

In order to skip, the length of the rope should be right for your height. After getting the right rope, stand on the centre of the rope, and then lift the handles upward. The point where the handles meet the rope should be level with your armpits. There are some types of rope, that allow you to shorten their length.

While skipping, wear soft-soled shoes, and jump on softer surfaces if possible! Here are a few basics of how to skip:
  • Stand tall but relaxed – breathing naturally
  • Elbows remain at waist level with arms extended sideways at about a 90 degree angle
  • Use a circular wrist motion to turn the rope
  • Hold the rope loosely, using thumb and index finder for control
  • Jump on the balls of the feet landing softly
  • Jump just high enough for the rope to pass under the feet