If you are a pitcher, then I am sure that you are in a desperate need of pitching speed as it is something you can never have too much of. I hope that I am right. Ofcourse I am! At that is why I would like to tell you some of the important exercises that are performed in order to increase the pitching speed of a pitcher.

Here goes the list:

Drill 1 - Arm-Speed Development

The main purpose of this drill is to learn the feeling of arm speed and to develop acceleration through the arm circle. And for this exercise, a pitcher has to perform this exercise all alone on her arm circle. The drill has two parts. With this particular motto, the drill is basically divided into two parts. Here is the description:
  • In the first part of this drill, the pitcher stands in a sideways pitching position with the stride leg forward. After holding this position the pitcher has to make sure that his pitching arm is situated above the head at the top of the circle. Now the pitcher has move the arm around in a perfect circle in a very fast way. This is done in order to get the feel of high arm speed.
  • In the next part of the drill, the pitcher holds his sole focus on building acceleration through the circle. At the same time, while the pitcher is still in the sideways position, the pitcher begins with the pitching arm at waist level. Again the main focus of the pitcher should be to life the arm in a very relaxed way
The pitcher focuses on lifting the arm in a relaxed manner and at the same time the pitcher started increasing the speed of the arm by accelerating on the downswing. This the pitcher does so by performing a whip-like action. The next step is that you have to make sure that your arm is extended (elbow relaxed) to create the biggest arc and lever possible. And the connection of the lever as well as the force are interconnected with each other as the longer the lever, the more force it can produce.

Here is my second drill exercise for you: Drill2 is performed to promote the ball release and at the same time its speed. Let us look at the procedure. The pitcher delivers a ball to a partner but this time he has to make sure that he is not at all using a forward stride. That means that the partner can not be another pitcher, so this is a good warm-up drill.

Make sure that the stride foot is even and that too with the pivot foot. Now the person who is pitching the ball, should make use of a good hip rotation, a strong snap of the wrist, and a good follow-through. At the same time he should keep this thing in mind that he has a prime focus on proper hip and arm mechanics.