If you love the idea of having airguns with you, the before that you must have a fair knowledge as to what these airguns are all about and what is the basic knowledge that is linked with them. The first thing that you all must know is that these airsoft guns are manufactured in three different, distinct styles: these are electric, gas, and spring. The fact is that all these styles work in essentially the same way. But still they are different in a lot of ways. And above all, each and every type of airgun is geared up with its own unique mechanisms, disadvantages, and advantages.

Japan was the very first country that manufactured the first electric airsoft gun in the world. It was during the era of 1970s but at that particular duration of time, it was not legal to carry or possess any type of firearms, but still a lot people had immense interest in all these things. Because of the increase in popularity, Japan started producing guns at a major level.

And keeping in mind this huge amount of interest that people had in the firearms, a lot of gun manufacturers began to create new, spring-powered guns which had the same look as real firearms. That means rather than firing real bullets, they were designed to fire rubber or plastic BB's. And also that gave rise to toy firearms as well.

Now coming back to the earliest variety of these airsoft guns, let me tell you that these guns were of the spring powered variety, that later on gave rise to the compressed gas powered variety utilizing a host of different systems. People from all over the started adopting this hobby of having this alluring airsoft gun from all over the world. In fact people from United States and North America started taking keen interest in it and it all happened somewhere in the 1990's. Then it was genuine that along with the transformation in its integral parts, came the next transformation, as the low powered, spring system guns became known as the Classic airsoft gun.

But if we will look back at the history, we will see that almost ten or twelve years after these airsoft guns arrived in America, the Japanese economy hit a recession. And that is why a lot of original airsoft gun manufacturing companies were lost somewhere in between. Only Tokyo Marui, that was also the inventor of the electric airsoft guns, was left as the primary manufacturer of airsoft guns.