Airsoft Guns are also known as BB guns. And if you are a fetish for these guns, then let me tell you that there is a wide variety of these guns that are available in the market. Generally a lot of people consider that these airsoft BB guns can be thought of as replicas: some think that they are like “toy” counterparts of “real” firearms.

But the fact is that there are mainly three types of these guns that are available in the market. They are spring powered guns, electric airsoft guns, and gas powered guns. Now let us discuss about the first type in details. It is known as Spring powered airsoft BB guns: it is believed that when you make use of these guns, the n you must always manually cock it. While doing so, a spring is compressed inside the piston, this process is further responsible for making an airtight seal when released. And when you pull the trigger, the piston is released, and a high pressure area is created behind the BB which projects it down the barrel and out toward the target. These guns are not so expensive as compared to the other ones.

Now the second type of the gun is known as Electric airsoft BB gun. It is somewhat expensive as compared to the previous one and comes under the category of those guns that you normally see used in the sport. In this case, you don't have to cock it manually as the cocking action is automated in an electric airsoft BB gun. Also some of these guns are arrayed with a rechargeable battery pack as well.

The third category is known as the Gas powered airsoft BB guns. Well, as the name suggests, these gas powered airsoft BB guns use gas to propel BB. Her is the simple working of this gun. Pressurized gas, that is actually stored in a liquid form in a chamber is released into the firing chamber. Here at this moment of time, the gas expands a great deal in volume and propels the BB.

The fact is that if you will compare the price range of a blowback gun with a non-blowback one, then you will find out that the former one is more expensive than the later one. But if in case, you are not aware of the differences between the two of them, here is the definition for you: a blowback airsoft (as the name says) BB gun is one in which the gas essentially blows back, after propelling the BB. This is obviously done to cycle the internal mechanism, so that it can set it for the next shot.