There is one thing common between Jim Courier, Andre Agassi, Anna Kournikova and Monica Seles. They all have been a part of The Nick Bollettieri Tennis Academy (NBTA), which specializes in turning kids into champions. Let's have a closer look at the academy.

Located in Bradenton, Florida, the NBTA has 53 tennis courts on 190 acres, which offers both athletic and educational training to top junior tennis players. Students have to follow a typical full time schedule that includes 6 hours for studies and 6 hours for tennis training. Some adult programs, summer camps, long holidays and other accelerated schedules are also included in the training.

The fees of the academy is definitely high, but its worth. Many pass outs from academy have got renowned success and stardom, but there are some who dropped in for few months and left on not the best of terms.

Apart from money, there are some other factors to be consider before sending your child to the academy. Emotional stability is one of them. Find out if your junior is ready to live away from home at such an age. But, the most important question is, if you are ready to send him. You have to decide if you want your child to develop in such kind of educational environment. All these questions should be discussed between parents and child before taking any decision. And be honest to yourself while answering to the questions.

Bollettieri gives you tennis, tennis and more tennis. It has facilities that attract top players across the world, so students will meet plenty of practice partners to play some high quality tennis. They will also play on different surface, and thus it becomes easy to get a feedback on game as one plays out points. Physical conditioning is a major part of the entire academy experience.

Before sending your child, you must know that tennis academies like NBTA are not meant for everyone. Send your kid to academy, only if your child has a caliber and an interest to learn Tennis along with studies.