Tennis is a sport that has become immensely popular with the passage of time and has been round for hundreds of years. If we look at some of the books that are linked with this game of tennis, then it has been seen that the game was invented by European monks. But ofcourse with the passage of time, the game saw immense amount of adaptation as the rackets and ball used in playing the game were of different types. If we will have a look at that particular era, then we will notice that tennis was extremely popular amongst the monks in the monasteries in Europe. But it was never played at a professional level at all. Also this game faced a lot of ups and downs as at one moment of time, the church started contemplating on banning the game. But somehow this game was saved from all these things.

A look at the history of tennis makes us notice that it was Major Walter C Wingfield who patented the tennis equipment and the rules for the game. Because, before this, this game was played without the implementation of any kinds of rules at all. The fact is that there was not much deviation as far as the rules are concerned. They were almost similar to the rules of today’s tennis, barring a few changes from here and there. These patenting took place in the same year when tennis courts started appearing in the United States, as I mentioned earlier also that the game saw a lot of ups and downs in that particular era. But it was not far when tennis equipment started making an appearance in other countries outside the US.

The game started getting popular all over the world. It has somewhat a kind of clash with this game called croquet that was getting immensely popular all over the world. Probably that is one of the main reasons as to why tennis started depleting! But people who were die hard fans if tennis, came out with their own set of methods to play tennis. In order to play this game, they started making use of croquet courts. They set up the courts for tennis. And that is how tennis got back its immense amount of popularity back! The 1930s saw tennis being evolved into a chic sport keeping in mind the outfits that were worn at that time. And the fashion is still the same.

This sport has gained a lot of popularity across the globe.