I think, everyone would agree with me that tennis is a beautiful sport! To me, this sport requires the blend of the body and the brain, physical and mental. But, that is where I have missed the boat! I would engaged my most of the time on my chops, out on the practice court hitting serves or forehands off the wall and nausea. I work out regularly and stay in shape in order to outlast my opponent.

Thus, when I see programs like Tennis Mind Game I am intrigued. Can Tennis Mind Game be that coach in my head?

Can you remember, how Boris Becker said that in a five set match, the fifth set is not about tennis, it's about heart or head?

But, can we understand how complex our brain works?

Yes, the mind is the most important part of tennis. Therefore, if we have issues in our head, they interrupt us during a match, where the pressure of competition exposes our fears, egos, and inner conflicts.

Do not you think, this is a Zen-like approach to tennis? Yes, sort of! Well, it's not about hokey chants or good karma, but it's about discipline and temperament.

The book, "The Inner Game of Tennis", where witter Tim Gallwey choked on an easy shot that cost him a junior championship. He was determined to find out why. His assertion is that there are two "selves"- the ego and the subconscious.

In a precise way, the subconscious know how to play tennis from experience and how to effortlessly hit strokes, but our ego gets in the way. We try to hit highlight film winners, try to crush the ball, or get down on ourselves for making mistakes.