Squash is a sport that involves two players hitting a ball! Unlike tennis that has a net, in squash, the ball must hit a wall at a specific area to be returned to the opposing players area on the first serve. The hitting of the wall is similar to the ball going over the net in tennis. If you are interested in holding a squash tournament, there are a few things you need to do:
  • Find a court. But, before that you need to decide what you want, the International design, the singles or the doubles. Generally, the width of the American court varies in width and slightly in height.
  • Also decide whether you are going to use the North American rules or the World rules. The difference between the two lies in the number of points per match. The North America rules play to 15, and potentially 17 for a tie, while the world rules play to 9, potentially 10.
  • Then, select the type of tournament player that you want. That means, whether the tournament is going to be for adults, children, singles, doubles or all of them.
  • Decide, whether the tournament will be sanctioned by US Squash, the governing body for the United States, and a member of the US Olympic committee.
  • Register and join US Squash Racquets Association, in case you want to be sanctioned. You can also hold the tournament without registering, however it will be listed as unsanctioned tournament.
  • Find a referee and two judges. The referee's call can be overturned by a unanimous decision of the two judges. If your tournament is going to be a sanctioned one, the judges and referees must be part of the US Squash Racquets Association.