As we know that football is the most popular team sport around the world, then how could Asia be left? In fact, Asia has the most populous of the six FIFA confederations, and Asians comprise a full half of all footballers all over the world.

The Asian Football Confederation, there are currently 46 member countries, which shows the popularity of the sport in the region. The organization was formed in the Philippines in May, 1954, and was recognized by FIFA in the next month. Its first major competition was the Asian Cup, which was held in Hong Kong two years after the confederation's formation. The Asian Football Confederation's headquarters are in Malaysia, and it hosts ten national tournaments. Three of the tournaments are for women's teams, and one being for youth teams. There are also three club tournaments. They are the AFC Champions League, the AFC Cup, and the AFC President's Cup.

In Asia, there are basically two teams for every country- a men's team and a women's team. Unlike other countries, such as the United States or the United Kingdom, when referring to team names, one only has to refer to the country.

Even though it is the Asian Football Confederation, its participation is not limited to only those of Asian descent. For instance, a Serbian coach of the Chinese national team, Vladimir Petrovic, is not a Chinese, nor even Asian, but an Eastern European.