If you are a player and finding different ways to enhance the speed of your bat, then let me tell you that the whole process will lead many people to some very strange methods. The fact is that as such there is no such secret that is present in the world and will magically improve bat speed, but let me tell you that there are a lot of mysterious, unique and little known training tools that the pros have used for years to help them enhance the speed of your bat as much as ten miles per hour.

Likely, if you are a player, then you must have seen a lot of basic wrist training techniques as well as other monotonous ways to help you bring the bat through the zone and enhance the speed with more efficiency and more power. But I am sure that you are not aware of this tip that I am going to tell you. The fact is that that too much muscle build up can actually slow down your swing. You don't believe me? The fact is that some of the best techniques that players who perform at a professional level have used are not geared up with any kind of fancy training tools or heavier bats.
In fact, if you will go and have an interview of all those players who perform at a professional level, then you will come to know that using a donut or weighted bat will actually result in a slower swing.

One of the most effective ways to enhance the speed of the bat is to understand the proper way as to how one can have a proper grip to the bat. The traditional fist on top of fist grip, as well as chocking up on a bat will result in slower bat speed. You must always grip the bat with your bottom hand below the knob of the bat, and then allow that wrist to flick the bat through the swing zone.

If you will implement this action in your grip, then it will surely improve your bat speed quickly. However, be sure to practice this swing, as learning how to do this and control that bat take some repetition. The next thing is that you should start thinking about feet placement, and how that relates to your hips opening up in your swing.