Before, you start practicing the right skill to throw a boomerang, it's important to check whether you have a genuine returning boomerang. You'll find various types of boomerangs in the market but is it essential to buy the returning type of boomerang. Make sure to practice any throwing skill in a wide area as per the type and range of boomerang being used. Before you throw your boomerang stand at the center point. This is important for both safety reasons, and to ensure consistent throw. However, don't practice your skills in an area used by others, as the path of boomerangs is hard to predict by those not familiar with them.

Avoid throwing your boomerang even on a windy day. Although, there are some boomerangs that need a small amount of wind to return completely, but most do not. Even though, rain has little effect on the flight of boomerangs, but ensure that the boomerang has been sealed against moisture.

Once you've bought a decent boomerang, the weather is perfect, and you’re out on the field. It is time to learn how to throw a boomerang.


It is important to throw a boomerang as per the direction of the wind. For instance, if you’re a right-hander make sure to throw to the right of the wind, and having the boomerang return on your left side. Remember that different boomerangs require different angles — start 45-50° to the right of the wind, and work from there.


Make sure to throw the boomerang at eye-height, and aiming approximately 10° above the ground. In simple words, aim at the top of the trees surrounding your field. Only a few boomerangs, including some MTAs and Trick Catch boomerangs, require you to throw notably upwards.


The further a boomerang travels the more laid over you need to be. Generally, most boomerangs require only a little bit of layover. For instance, Fast Catch boomerangs are the extremes that need slight negative layover whereas, Distance boomerangs should be thrown almost flat. However, do not throw a boomerang with too much layover as it can be dangerous to both the thrower and the boomerang.


It is one of the crucial steps while throwing boomerang. Without this step, a boomerang is just a bent object. For most novice throwers creating enough spin is a common problem. One of the basic ways to increase spin is to cock the boomerang back in your hand.


Finally, it is essential to check how hard you throw your boomerang. You'll never be able to break a high record without throwing hard.

So, the next time you practice throwing a boomerang make sure to keep these points in ind. If you're able to throw consistently, you will be well on the way to being a good thrower.