Goal is one of the basic steps that needs to be considered by beginners in half marathon training. Although, most of the people set goals before running a half-marathon but only a few people are able to turn goals into reality. So, it is important to plan with a desire and a commitment to dedicate time for training. Both these factors play a crucial role to accomplish the goal for running the first race.

Another important element while running is a proper plan. In case, you have no prior experience of running, then it will be better to first start with a 5K race and gradually progress to build up your running base. However, if you've prior experience then you have the running base required to start the training for the half-marathon.

Before, you participate in a half marathon make sure to list all races in your neighborhood and check the reviews for the races. Chances are that you will like a few out of the list. Keeping in view other factors like the time of the year the race is held, training time that you need etc. will help you narrow down the list and select a race that best suit you. If this is your first half-marathon make sure to pick the race carefully.

After you've selected a race prepare a schedule with fixed amount of time dedicated for training. This plan will help you devote time for fixed interval on daily and weekly basis. Once you've achieved both these factors, you are ready to participate in your first half marathon race.

However, don't forget to register yourself for the race. This step will ensure that your commitment and goals are achieved. It also indicate your desire to seriously train for the race. After completing all these steps you are ready to start training for your first half-marathon.