In the past few years, tennis has gained lot of popularity. Today, it is a favorite sport for young and old. One of the important elements in tennis is the court where it is played. Although, the dimension of the courses of tennis are standard, but change according to the external material. The game specifically mentions the length, the width, and the placement of the lines for a tennis court. There are different variety of surfaces for tennis and can be outside or inside. Here are some of the dimensions and the basic aspects of the courses of tennis.

According to the tennis rules the courses of a tennis court should be 78 feet length of base line to the base line. Even, the net used in the sport is 3 feet top from the middle, and divides the court into two equal halves. The courses of tennis should be 36 feet of broad doubles at the variation, and touchline 27 feet broad.

The surface of the tennis court changes in character as per the difference of dimensions. There are many characteristics which affect the surfaces of court of tennis. Grass, red clay, clay green, and the courses hard are some of the common surfaces for the courses of tennis. In addition, the courses can also be hard or synthetic surfaces of interior, carpet-like surfaces.

Grass surfaces were the very first ones run of tennis. In last few years, the number of grass courses for tennis decreased. But, in prestigious events like tournaments and championships, grass tennis surface is still exploited. Clay normal or crushed red brick are basically used to create red course of clay tennis. Usually, you'll find this surface in the Open French. However, the clay green courses are the most common clay court in the US. This surface is made from a mixture of stone, rubber, and plastics crushed.
Tennis players have the option to play inside as well, particularly during the winter season. Concrete or synthetic matter or plastic are used as surfaces of interior of tennis court. Generally, the interior tennis courses are considered as the fastest surface on a tennis court. With hard services and powerful stroke, tennis courts are of prime importance.