Table tennis is considered to be the smaller version of tennis, which follows almost the same basic rules as the later. If you are a sports enthusiast, who has spent most of your life in front of the television watching sports channels, its likely that you have come across couple of games of table tennis.

Over the years, the game has become very popular. Easy rules and extremely fun are the two main factors behind its huge popularity. One can easily play this game with just enough space to handle the table. You don't need big courts like tennis to start playing this game. Another, interesting factor about the game is that it doesn't require fancy and expensive equipment to have a table tennis set. All you need is a table, paddle, and a set of balls.

Table tennis was originally known as ping-pong game and was originated in England during the late 18th century. The game was earlier started as a fun after-dinner diversion. Few rumors suggests that the game was earlier played on the dinner tables, while there are others who believe that it began as a lawn and garden game, closely resembling game like badminton. During this time, they didn't have ping pong paddles, and so the players used vellum bats to play the game. In the year 1890, the famous Parker Brothers developed an indoor version of the popular lawn tennis. The game consisted of net, paddles, and ball.

In the very beginnings, the game was one of the most popular games to be played especially in England. Even though, it was still looked at as solely casual, certainly not as a sport. It was during the period of 1905-1910, when table tennis/ping pong game spread to other countries like Japan, China, and Korea. Finally, with the purpose of recognizing the pastime as a sport, England created the first official Table Tennis Association. What made this game highly competitive and popular was that most countries adopted table tennis as their pastime hobbies.

With the increase in the commercialization of the game and its equipments, more and more people got attracted to this sport. In 1902, the first ever tournament for table tennis enthusiasts was started and by 1921, the Table Tennis Association was inaugurated in England. All these factors led to the worldwide phenomenon of table tennis.

The game has underwent various changes to make the game more exciting. These changes have led to the creation of table tennis as a competitive and a favorite for many people.