One of the favorite pastime activities for many is Squash, which can be played within the four-walled courts using a racket and a hollow rubber ball. This activity is also considered by many as one of the best ways to remain fit, as it helps to train your joints, and to become more sturdier and flexible. Although, to enjoy squash it is important to have the right equipment when playing. One of the basic equipment in the game of squash is the squash racket. Having the right kind of squash racket is of prime importance. Here are some of the basic steps to help you find the right squash racket.

Basic Know-How

Titanium, aluminum, and carbon are the common compounds used in a squash racket. The materials used in a racket can make or break your playing style. Therefore, it's important to have a racket that complement your skill level.

Generally, every squash rackets have a head consisting of interwoven strings and a small handle- unlike a tennis rackets. The benefit of having a shorter handle is to get complete control of the ball.


There are basically three kinds of rackets that you can choose as per your playing style or skill level. First, aluminum squash rackets, these usually weighs around 190 grams and best suit for recreational purposes. Second, rackets made from titanium, they weighs 140 grams and give more ball power and feel. Finally, carbon squash rackets are known to provide maximum power at 135 grams.


While buying a squash racket make sure that the string tensions strength ranges from 19 to 29 pounds for aluminum, and 24 to 28 pounds for titanium and carbon varieties. However, if you're a novice in the game buy an aluminum rackets but advanced players can use either a titanium or lightweight carbon rackets for more control and durability.

Make sure the racket you buy have a vibration dampening system on the handle, to avoid the felling of shock waves when you hit the ball. So, the next time you go out to buy a squash racket make sure to keep these points in mind.