Go Kart is believed to be one of the exciting hobbies that attracts people of all age group. They are fast, exciting and easy to handle. It is one of the hottest things to hit the race car scene since the late 1950s. Many of us have tried it when we were young. In many parts of the world like UK, one needs to fulfill the mandatory criterion to drive legally.

The activity for racing different types of car has been defined as kart racing. Although, you need to posses sufficient experience and age to drive them. Once, you have achieved this step, you can always move on to V8's, rally cars and other general race cars. However, racers who are daring and extremely enthusiastic about racing can turn to formula 1 racing.

Kart racing began in the year 1950, in California, by a veteran hot rodder named Kurtis Kraft. One of the main reasons behind kart racing huge popularity is its exciting features. Over the years, this sport has spread throughout the world. In addition, the sport has a huge fan following in Europe.

Go karts can be categorized into two types; one is Sprint Karting and another one is Enduro Karting. Let us know about them in brief. Prototypical kart and track is known as Sprint Karting. It is mainly developed in amusement parks, recreational facilities and many other entertainment places. The tracks used in this racing are sleek and sturdy. Short tracks are preferred than long tracks in this race. These tracks are composed of multiple components like asphalt to concrete.

Enduro Karting, on the other hand, is considered to be a better version than the Sprint. Being, an upgraded versions of Sprint, the race use the aerodynamical steering on tracks. Tracks are designed in oval shape to add fun in the racing pleasure. The durability and maintenance of karts are given speical attention as this karting is longer than Sprint.

So, pick any Go kart race style and get the maximum pleasure of driving courageously on some of the best and complex tracks.