BASE jumping is a very popular sport that comes under the category of extreme sports and has plenty of followers all over the world. But what does this term “base” means? BASE is an acronym for Building, Antenna, Span and Earth. Now I would like to give you a detailed analysis of all these letters further. Building refers to man-made structures; Antenna refers to some of the uninhabited structures like oil wells and antenna masts; spans refers to structures that span a distance like bridges; and Earth refers to natural structures like ridges and cliffs.

And that is what holds the connection of base with jumping. In BASE jumping, jumpers jump from any of these spots with just a parachute. This sport has seen a lot of ups and downs as far as its popularity is concerned and has been around for a long time.

Let us go back somewhere in the history. The earliest jump was recorded somewhere in the year 1912 when Frederick Law jumped off the Statue of Liberty. Quite exciting, isn't it? As that particular duration of time, this sport was just more the stunt aspect than competition.

But the concept started developing with the passage of time. It was somewhere around the time frame of 1970s, when things started to take a different turn and BASE jumping was termed by Carl Boenish, who died during BASE jumping in the year 1984.

But it is a very dangerous sport and is mentioned only for professionals who love extreme sports at its core. But how can it be dangerous? Here is the answer: BASE jumping can be extremely dangerous considering the fact that the parachute can malfunction in various cases. After all, we all are humans, there is always a tendency for human error that can cause serious injuries or instantaneous death. That is why it is recommended that you should adopt enough safety measures before going for the sport.