Croquet is a classic yard game that has been played for centuries all over Europe. The fact is that a game that is almost similar to the game of croquet and it originated some where in the 14th century in the ancient Rome. But at that time, the game was not given a particular name what so ever.

But if we will have a look at the current version of this game, then we will have a look that it forms its origin from the French peasants who used wooden mallets in order to hit the balls that were also made from wood itself through wickets made from willow branches. It all happened some where around the 14th century.

But it was the country of Ireland, where the game actually got immensely popular, especially with the young kids of the town. This was in the early eighteen hundreds. But later on, the game transferred to several parts of England in the year 1851. that proved to be a huge turn around as far as the popularity of this game was concerned. It saw immense popularity and it quickly started spreading throughout the colonial empire, reaching virtually every area of British colonial rule by the end of the year 1870.

Till now, a majority of the parts of this world were becoming used to the immense popularity of this game. People of all age groups were participating in this game at all levels. They started playing it in their backyards as well.

But if we have a look at the tradition, the we will see that this sport was played on a professional playing field, with the grass trimmed, just like you must have seen on those nicely trimmed golf courses now a day. The British Empire was highly impressed by this game. It became a favorite past time amongst the youths as they started using it to socialize and flirt without their parents constantly peering over their shoulders.

You know what, initially this sport was immensely popular with the females, but it was somewhere around the year 1874 when the popularity declined a little bit, especially with the women as the sport started becoming too scientific. Also later lawn tennis started to replace this sport, so that acted as a huge blow for the croquet lovers out there. So the money factor started decreasing in this game.

But now, the game has gained its popularity once again. It has become one of the most popular recreational activities, especially with the children and young generation all over the world. A lot of measures are taken in order to regain the popularity of this sport! A lot of recreational clubs have organized several events to popularize this sport with the masses.