When I was a kid, my uncle introduced this game to me. I think that my uncle had a set. I do not remember it very well, but I think there was a very small croquet set around the house, so I will talk about my later introduction to croquet. When I went to high school I remember that one of my friends had a croquet set, and we used to play at my backyard when I used to come back from my school. I was so enthralled by this game that I took it rather very seriously. I started playing this sport at a professional level. Here are my tips as to how you can play it. These are especially for the beginners:

First you need to divide players into two teams. When I used to play, I used to give the names of the team as “cool” and “hot” teams respectively. A "cool" team that plays the blue and black balls, and a "hot" team that plays the red and yellow balls.

the next step is to decide as to who should go in the beginning. That is, who will have the first turn! They will play the blue and black balls. Take turns in the order of the corresponding colors on the stake - blue first, yellow last.

Place your ball 3 feet south of the first wicket. Your next step would be to hit it through. You will get a point each on every hit but if you will fail to do so then you will lose your turn.

Take two bonus strokes if your ball comes to rest in contact with another player's ball and this should happen when you are taking your turn. This is a "roquet."

Use this first bonus stroke to hit your ball. This is done in order to make sure that both your ball and your opponent's ball move. Now you have one more stroke. You can use it hit your own ball toward the proper wicket.

Pass your ball through the wickets in the proper order:
I would like to give you a sneak peak of the proper order:southwest 1, northwest 2, northeast 3, southeast 4, south-central 5, and north-central 6, followed by 2, 1, 4, 3, 6, and 5.

The next step is to remove your corresponding colored clip from the wicket when your ball passes through.
The next step is to place it on the next one.

Become a rover.

Roquet any other ball in play, but not more than once as far as each turn is concerned.

Best of luck.