Croquet is a very interesting sport that is played at a professional level and at the same also serves as a perfect recreation sport for people of almost age groups. It is believed that the sport was spread around the globe in the late 1800’s by the British Empire. As I have said earlier also that Croquet was a new recreational and somewhat competitive sport that widely gained immense amount of popularity all over the world. The most interesting fact is that it was also added as a sport in the Olympic Games, only to be taken back out again by the subsequent Olympic Games. And why the game was removed out of the tournament. Know one knows the exact reasons but according to a lot of speculations, it has been believed that it was removed from the Olympic Games because countries could not agree on the rules.

There were all kinds of bizarre things going on like American croquet associations played by different rules than the European associations played. As a result, a lot of conflicts were created because of these things. Croquet left the high level sports arena and was regarded as a small level game, but thanks to the utter followers of this game, croquet started gaining some amount of popularity. And after that the sport also took the form of recreational activity as well. People, and especially teenagers started playing this brilliant sport in their backyards and parks.

It was during the era of 1960's that the game started to gain its popularity once again. It began to gain back its lost ground. All kinds of techniques were used to promote this game. Large croquet clubs decided to compete with each other and agreed on some official rules. And that is when the basic rules that were followed on a universal basis came into existence. After this establishment this game was played as a competitive sport once again.

But that does not mean that the game manged to get its different set of rules. Still there are all kinds of controversies that are related with the game. Various rules have developed over time for croquet. The type of croquet that many Americans play in their backyards requires different rules than that played professionally in clubs and tournaments. With the advancement of technology, the lawns at which these games are played have seen a lot of progress with the passage of time. The lawns are also trimmed like a golf course, but you can enjoy this sport in your backyard!