Sand boarding is a very popular sport that is especially famous with the young generation of today's scenario. It is a sport that is catching its popularity all over the world. That is why I would like to tell all of you some of the basic facts that are linked with this sport. I have surfed a lot of books and Internet sites and have compiled some of the most important facts for you.

Here is the list:
  • If we will have a look at the previous era then we will notice that the boards were very simple in their design and were made by just fixing two skis together. But look at today's scenario. You will find all kinds of designs that reflect the variety of riding styles with the passage of time.
  • The sandboard base is much harder if we have a thorough comparison with the snowboard. The former one is built mostly out of formic or laminex. In this current scenario the quality of the sport is improved by the usage of special base materials.
  • Now first the player needs to wax the bottom of the board, this is done in order to glide properly on the sand. Normally the wax that is used is the paraffin-based sandboard wax.
  • After use, the bottom of the board may have a lightly sanded look to it. On the other hand, the look of the 'Race Base' is a lot more better as compared to the former one as it tends to polish smoother and glossier with use.
  • Most terrain sandboards are composed of hardwood ply. While on the other hand, if we have a look at the 'full-size' then we will see that these are mainly made from materials like wood, fibre glass, plastic composite.
  • A snowboarding base will sometimes work on steeper dunes.
  • Here is one more trivia from the history. Erik Johnson, a professional sandboarder, holds the Guinness World Record for Speed on a Sandboard at 51mph (82km/h). He also has an experience in the field of snowboarding as well.