We all know that Billiards is a fast growing leisure sport that is performed on a billiard table. That's it? What else do you know about this sport? Okay you have a cue stick, what else. It is usually 58 inches in length, and weighing 18 to 21 ounces. Not bad! It is used to hit the balls, so that these balls can move around the table and then enter the whole. Cool! Now I would like to tell you some of the integral facts that are related with the game of Billiards.
  1. Okay tell me as to what are the benefits of playing billiards? Of course it is a sport but at the same it increases eye-hand coordination, focus and concentration, and even practical application of physics and geometry. So if you have physics as one of your subjects and your mom scolds you for playing billiards in exams, tell her that you are studying physics practically.
  2. Here is the list of some of the equipment that are required for billiards: Balls, rack, table, cues, mechanical bridge, scoreboard, mirror lights, dart boards, and chalk.
  3. You want to go deep inside the game. Then here are some facts that are related with the standard size of a billiard table: These are available in four basic sizes. They are 7 foot (39 inches by 78 inches), 8 foot (44 inches by 88 inches), oversized 8 foot (46 inches by 92 inches) and 9 foot tables (50 inches by 100 inches). Quite interesting, aren't they? So now you have known enough about this game. Oh, you want more, then read on!
  4. What are cue balls? In billiards, as the name suggests these balls are the ones that a player strikes with the cue stick. As simple as that! What not much information? Okay read on... loads of varieties are available in the market (here I am talking about the kind of material from which they are made of) These are made from ivory, wood, and various synthetic materials. Today, phenolic resin is also used for manufacturing these balls. You see, advancement of technology!
  5. What is Billiards chalk? It plays the most vital role in the game of billiards as it is used to reduce the friction between the cue shaft and the bridge hand caused by perspiration.
  6. This is the most important What is the difference between pool and billiards? In pool, there are 16 balls while billiards involves only three balls.