I really believe that baseball is one of the most happening sports that is played all over the world and that is why it should be an international sport and not restricted to the U.S.A. But keeping all these things in mind, I don't why baseball is not promoted like soccer or cricket all around the world? I have also believed that this game has enough personality and big names to be a worldwide success!

Well with players being imported from Japan like Duisuke Matsuzaka 9who is also called the powerhouse of baseball), Ichiro Suzuki 9 the great player who started his career at the age of 7), Hideki Matsui and Hideki Okajima along with a lot of players that have come from Cuba, Dominican Republic and all over the world, we all have got the hint that Major League Baseball (highest level of play in American professional baseball) is trying to go global.

Also the amazing series of with the Boston Red Sox and the Oakland Athletics playing in Japan was a big success. That added to the flavor. But still I am worried! Why? It is due to the fact that countries like U.S.A likes to call the team who has won the World Series the world champions which according to me is an entirely unfair affair as far as the other teams from other teams are concerned. Especially with certain teams in Japan and other baseball leagues around the world.

It is due to the fact that I personally would like to see that teams who have won their respective leagues or world series to compete in a world club championship as well as who so ever wins the title should be called the world champion! Don't you thin so? And that is why I often think that when will that stage come? Will it ever happen? I really believe that baseball should really find a true World Champion one day.