The game of basketball has been around for some time. In the past few decades, the game has produced many stars and icons. Being an exciting sport it's followed by many. The game requires the combined efforts of the team as it can't be played individually. In fact, no individual is declared as the sole winner of the game but it's always the team. Although, there are awards given to players who have contributed excellently throughout the game. Almost every country organizes basketball games annually at some point or the other.

If you follow the game regularly and want to know more about the game? Then, continue reading this article. One of the basic terms used in basketball is “Sweep.” It's a lingo used when a basketball team wins for two or more consecutive years. Only a team who is able to hold its excellence consistently is termed as sweep. Thus, be it any basketball tournament or event throughout the world, the word 'sweep' is one of the most sought-after terms in the basketball vocabulary.

Even tough, maintaining a consistent performance is one of the hardest concepts in basketball. Since, it's difficult to ensure that a team will win every game. There are possibly hundreds of basketball superstars that are given big breaks every season.

In the past couple of years, the competition in the game has become really tough. That's why teams have to come up with different strategies and planning to get the best players around. Another important element that you need to consider is team effort. It ensures that every player remain cooperative and execute a good play strategy. But, it's difficult to get together the players to work together considering the huge egos and attitudes of basketball players. Therefore, to achieve sweep,it's important to keep the good working and cooperative relationships between the team players.

Only through regular practices and rehearsals can a team ensure a sweep. It's important that every player is present during the practice sessions to ensure a good rapport between them. During these sessions, the weakness and strengths of players are determined and worked accordingly.
Besides, consistent performance the team also requires the moral support from the fans as well. Please note, whenever players see the trooping fans cheer for them, they get motivated and perform better. If a team fails to maintain its winning status, it also fails to make a sweep.

The game indeed is very exciting. Though, it's difficult for a team to make a sweep but the combined team effort certainly makes up for added excitement.