Scoring more points is the ultimate aim of each and every basketball coach. Naturally this desire to score as many goals should be seen in the players as well. The fact is that both fast break and half court offense can lead to having a loads of points on the board. As a perfect coach, you must have all the skills to let your players know about all the techniques and teach them as to how to choose  their shot selection and shot distribution in the best way possible.

This article focuses on defining each term and how they differ. I have heard from a lot of coaches and how they talk about their offensive frustrations, but the fact is that I often notice that they make use of two terms in a most often ways. These two terms are: shot selection and shot distribution. At times they tend to use these terms interchangeably. I would like to tell you that these terms are are not only different, but they are separate parts of efficient offensive play as well.
Shot Selection is all about the type of shot taken by a particular player. As a coach,  you must let your players know specifically as to what kind of shots you want them to take. This would help them to deal with every kind if situation in a better way. Remember, they don't have to agree with what you have to say on the shot selection but they do have to comply. You must have heard of this saying: a good shot for one player is a bad shot for another.

The next word that the coaches always make use is :Shot Distribution. It of nothing but it deals with as to how many shots each player should take. Are your players aware of the fact as to how many shots they should take relative to their playing time? As a coach, you must make a nice strategy for every player and know preferable shot distribution per player and evaluate your game stats accordingly.

As the coach if you have not build any kind of strategy as to how will the whole process of shot selection and distribution will go for your players, what are the chances that your players and parents understand? Make sure that you take care of every frustration and queries that are dealt by your players!