Are you serious about the game of basketball? Or, Do you constantly look for information to improve your game? To succeed in basketball it's very important to play the game well. Only a player with thorough knowledge on various basketball techniques can do well in this sport. It's very important to play the game right. Time and practice are the two basic elements required to play basketball really well. Alike any other sports, practice, discipline and right attitude are necessary to make you an excellent basketball player. However, many basketball coaches feel that shooting skills is one of the common mistakes performed by most players.

So, it's crucial to spend enough time practicing your shooting skills. There are many shooting drills that can help players attain proper forms and moves when shooting the basketball to the bucket. Here are some of the popular and widely adapted shooting drills used in basketball shooting.
Bull's eye drill

Players who want to improve their skills must learn this drill. It is seen that most players loose their focus while playing the game. This drill is meant for such players to bring their focus and concentrate back to the game. To execute this drill, players would require white athletic tape. First of all, stick a piece of the white athletic tape on the front side, of the rim of the hoop. It will be your target. Now throw the ball into the bucket and keeping in view the white athletic tape. Therefore, this drill is termed as the bull's eye when you are successfully hitting the target. This drill will help you train your eyesight and senses in shooting the ball.

Free throw drill

This drill is known to improve concentration and consistency while playing the game. Though, the drill may seem too easy and less complicated but in an actual game it become quite difficult to perform this drill. To execute this drill the player need to stand on the free throw line and start shooting free throws. While dribbling it's important to say the word 'dribble'. After that, it is time to throw the ball into the hoop. However, before shooting the ball it's important to envision yourself all set to shoot the ball. Slowly lift you arm and target the range before finally shooting the ball. This drill improves the proper mental set and condition that will be associated to successful basketball throws.
The Westhead drill

This drill is actually a mental drill used in the game of basketball. It enhances muscle memory, or the muscle reflexes for specific moves. Though, it's a simple drill but difficult to execute. The first move in this drill is to throw the basketball five times into the basket. Before, throwing the ball make sure to envision five successful basketball throws in your mind. With every successful throw the muscles become more conditioned for succeeding throws.

Hence, shooting drills are one of the basics in the game of basketball. If you want to improve your game then make to practice these drills.