There has been a rise in the number of young sportsmen, who are eager to play basketball. Basketball is one of the popular games played in America. But, the game has its own high demands such as good physical shape and daily practices. Unlike other sport games, even basketball requires tall players. Though, there are few reasons behind such demand like the player will find it easy to access the hoop, as well as it is also easier to hit the target. However, it's important to understand, whether height of players play such a crucial role.

You'll come across many players who are not above average height, but they nevertheless want to play basketball. They put in every effort to learn the game and improve their skills. What chance do such players have to play serious basketball?

As a matter of fact, the game requires knowledge on basketball technique more than the requirement for height. Therefore, basketball players should have thorough knowledge on basketball techniques, which includes an ability to think and decide upon the right moves, good eye-hand coordination and swiftness. Besides, if he has a good height then it act as an additional factor, but it's not the sole criteria. For instance, one of the professional American player Tyrone Muggsy Bogues was only 5.3 feet, still he was a professional basketball point guard in NBA. He proved the point that height is not that important to succeed in basketball.

Hence, a basketball player with good height and thorough knowledge on basketball techniques can succeed in the game.