Today, more and more families have stopped attending major league baseball games than ever before. Baseball is considered to be one of the greatest American pastimes till date. But, the new trend is threat to the popularity of the game. Most people prefer to watch the game on television, rather than going to the league. However, there has been a rise in the number of families attending minor league ballparks. Various reports indicate that families attending minor league baseball have reached a record high 39 million during the 2005 season.

Major league baseball continues to decline both in popularity, demographics, and competition. One of the main factors behind the lagging attendance is believed to be cost. For instance, the average cost for a family to attend a major league baseball game costs around $170.00. While, it charges only $80.00 when it comes to attending minor league game. In this price, the fans are treated to performances by up-and-coming young stars who may be tomorrow's Barry Bonds or Alex Rodriguez.
Minor league game also follow the same rules as major league. Besides, most minor league teams are associated with a major league team. Therefore, there are chances that many popular stars attend these minor league games. In addition, some of the minor leagues in some parts of the country, play host to major league teams especially during spring training.

Fans often sit right along the baselines to get a glimpse of their favorite player. They also get the opportunity to get autographs or click photographs with the popular baseball players. The increasing popularity of minor league baseball, many teams have been able to shift to attractive stadiums with better amenities.

Minor league baseball for many fans, are an opportunity to get entertained by local music artists, fireworks and special promotions. So, to have a great time with your loved ones try attending a minor league near your neighborhood.