Though, the term fantasy baseball, may seem a little unwieldy, but it's really not that difficult to participate in. A little time and persistence is all that is required to get started. As well all know that many camps follow a myriad of rules, regulations and procedures.

The Draft

So, it all started with the draft. Here, draft means the selection of players for a team. Having a great draft, is very important. While creating a draft a couple of things need to considered like current statistics, and past performances. The main idea is to balance the two, and to know what weight to apply to each so you make the optimal picks. However, to perform this task one should be really skilled and experienced. The best way to gain good experience is to get out there play a few fantasy baseball games, and lose some of your hard earned cash.


If you're playing for the first time it's important to do a little bit of research to get a fair idea about the game. This step will help you learn from your past disasters. Make sure to grade your players not just on their play but their worth to the team. The key here is the flexibility. So that, if you're prized players are grabbed by others, you can still put together a winning team. The most interesting fact about fantasy baseball is spontaneity.


If you're playing fantasy basketball then be mentally prepared for injuries. Every player has to deal with injuries at some point. No matter how hard you try to avoid getting hurt there is a good chance of getting hurt. If some of your best players are hurt then it's time to consider some unproven guys, that's just dying to play for your team. Though, keep an eye on those fantasy baseball future Rookie of The Year hiding on your bench.


just like any other sport strategy is an important element in this game as well. Also when you do decide to make trades, use the ole' noggin. Keep an eye on all the rising and slumping hitters.