Softball drills play a very important role as far as developing winning strategy is concerned. They are extremely vital as these are the ones that ultimately coach, trains and guides a team to win.

Therefore it becomes very necessary that the various drills are adequate in teaching skills as far as all the parts of the game are concerned. If you are a coach, then it becomes a part of your duty to decide which drills will give the team the best practice.

Let me give you the details of some free softball drills that you can use: While the most important motto of drills is to get practice, so it is your duty to try and make them fun in the best way possible! One free softball drill that is a huge hit with both the players as well as coach is the Machine Drill. What you need is to have an access to a pitching machine like the ones they have at batting cages. In the whole process, what you can do is make use of three different colored balls: red, blue, and white. You will miscellaneously put the balls in the machine. Direct them to bunt the red balls, take the blue balls and hit away at the white balls. If you are not able to arrange for a machine, then it is recommended that you make use of a  large bucket with the balls in it and pitch to them.

Let me tell one more important free softball drill. This drill is very well known as Knockout. This drill is helpful in maintaining the team's catching and throwing skills. What you can do is divide the team in two parts and send them to opposite corners of the field. As a coach, you will act as the pitcher for one group and the assistant coach can take the other. Make sure that the whole exercise is done in a speedy way.  Now here goes the drill. Throw the ball to the first person, the player will grab the ball, as in catch it, and then successfully throws it back to you. Each time the player will be able to catch the ball, the team will get a point.

If the player doesn't catch the ball or in the process the player does not throws the ball back to you, then no point will be scored and the player as a result will stand at  the end of the line. This drill should only last about five minutes.