One of the main reasons behind the huge popularity of Airsoft games is the fact that they resemble actual military operations. Even the weapon used in the game are very realistic (replica). You'll find the only difference between an airsoft gun and real gun is the yellow or red colored muzzle at the tip of the barrel. Removing this tip is considered illegal in many states because it's is hard for the enforcement officers to tell the difference between the replica and the real thing. Here are the four most popular airsoft game styles developed by airsoft aficionados.

Closed Quarter Battle

This style is also commonly referred as CQB. In this style the player combat each other in a closed environment. This airsoft game style is known to create high-speed action between the players. The terrain needs to be modified for this game style in order to provide optimal conditions with several apertures, hiding places, tunnels, doorways, and stairways.


Another popular Airsoft game style is the skirmish method. Players are required to have some sort of prior experience before trying this game style. This method is also referred as freestyle because players are offered with the option to choose their weapon, gear and tactics as per their likings.

Airsoft Combat Training

It is a more professionally used combat style mainly used by law enforcement agencies. So, it can't be considered a game. This method is mainly applied during the training session of the SWAT and police officers because they resemble the look and feel of the real guns. The best feature about this method is that they have a low impact projectiles and simulate very realistic scenarios.

Military simulation

As the name suggests this style has been developed to resemble a real military simulation. In this game style players form groups and given missions that they must complete. It is known to last several days where participants are allowed to use short range radios and headsets.