Airsoft is one of the popular sports played in East Asian countries such as China, Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea. In this sport, players combat one another using airsoft guns (resemble real guns) and other airsoft gear. The game was developed in Japan and slowly spread to other parts of the world. Today, it's one of the most popular recreational sports.

You'll find this sport quite similar to the game of paintball. In this sport also no splatters are made on the skin or clothes, and unless the person screams in agony or pain, to reveal they are hit. However, in airsoft after getting hit the players need to lift their gun up and say, “Hit.” The sport relies a lot on the “Honor System.” In this game, one player on each team is designated as a medic, who assist players to revive and resume play.

Rules regarding the weapon hit vary depending on the game. A weapon being hit is similar to the player being hit, but if the person has a sidearm, rules get modified. So, the person is not just allowed to use their primary but can also use their sidearm.

Spring, electric, and gas are the three popular types of airsoft guns. Out of the three, the spring guns are considered cheap but can get very expensive if they fire at a high FPS. AEG also commonly known as Electric guns are basically powered by a battery. The main advantage of these guns are that they are automatic, but are not very powerful unless upgraded. Gas guns are considered to be the most powerful gun in Airsoft sport. The gases include carbon dioxide, propane, green gas, red gas, and high pressure air (HPA).